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Chica Fly Charters

Salt Water Fly Fishing for Female Anglers 

“Chica Fly Charters” caters solely to other women that want to salt water fly fish. Whether you’re a novice, simply learning to cast, or a frequent fly angler, I welcome all levels looking for an exciting fishing experience.

"Chica Fly", also offer charters to: couples, kids, sunset sessions, nature tours, spin fishing, shelling & sightseeing! 

Get to Know Me

Capt. Christina Legutki

Growing up on the water in Naples, Florida, my love for fishing started when I was a young girl. I grew up spin fishing, then my enthusiasm for fly fishing came later in life when I met my now husband, Capt. Jeff Legutki. We live on the Gulf Coast and fish the entire Southwest region. We are fortunate to live in an area that provides so many different options and scenarios. Growing up in Naples, I am familiar with all it has to offer and show my customers the place so special to me.

Making the change from spin fishing to the fly rod was a major hurdle. In the beginning, it was a lot of frustration, failures, bad casts, missed strip sets and a few tears…followed by excitement, accomplishments, knowledge, and most importantly, laughter and pure thrill! Salt water fly fishing is not for those who want it easy. We do it for the challenge. It’s a sport that you never stop learning and growing in. The great days keep us coming back, and the tough days make us quality anglers.

Casting Lessons

30-45 Minutes depending on experience.


Most casting instructions are done on land, but if you have some experience, we can do them on the water, from the boat.


  • 4hour - 6hour - 8hour

  • Fly/Spin

  • Ladies only

  • Couples (men allowed)

  • Kids

  • Night trips (fish dock lights)

  • Sightseeing/shelling/nature tour

  • Sunset Sessions

Why "Chica Fly?"

“Chica Fly,” was born after witnessing an overwhelming number of women wanting to get into the sport, but not knowing where to start. Working at Mangrove Outfitters has allowed me opportunities to host ladies fly tying nights, casting clinics, and connecting with so many other women in the sport. So often, women that want to start or have started, frequently say that they struggle learning from a significant other or even a male guide. As a female, I understand those challenges.

The name, “Chica Fly,” represents the sole purpose of this business.

 I saw an opportunity, unique to the industry to be a female guide FOR female anglers. All women, beginner to expert is welcome on my boat.

Contact Me

Located on the Gulf Coast in Naples, Florida


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